Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 12:41

I’ve never experienced an actual flood. Water never threatened to take all of my earthly possessions or even my life. No one ever told me to evacuate my home and get to safety. Though I’ve never been the victim of an actual flood, I have experienced a flood spiritually speaking. I have been so gripped with fear that it felt as though the water was rising so quickly that I may be overtaken at any moment. What do you do when water is rising so quickly you feel like you are seconds away from being covered head to toe? I think most people get to higher ground as quickly as they can, raise a white flag and cry out for help. God’s hope is that you cry out to Jesus who is the only one who can truly rescue us.

Back in August the people in Houston had been warned that a vicious Hurricane named Harvey was coming their way. A lot of people started making preparations and began leaving their homes to seek safe shelter before the rains began. We now know that many people never believed it would get as bad as it did. They stayed in their homes hoping to ride out the storm on their own only to need rescuing a short time later. My hearts still breaks when I think of all the lives taken and lives affected in so many devastating ways, but there was beauty in the midst of the pain. People helped one another and party lines diminished. God was at work. While praying for the people of Houston the Lord began to reveal how we could learn spiritual truth from these tragedies. He showed me how we often find ourselves trying to handle things on our own only to find out that we can’t. Some of us head warnings and others don’t? Some of us must get to the point where we are being overtaken before a cry for help ever leaves our lips. It’s the same with us spiritually speaking. Some people come so quickly to the Father and seek refuge in the shelter that he says he provides. In Psalm 27 verse 5 David says of the Lord “For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.” Others wait until the trouble starts to overtake them and then they cry out for help. Friends the day of trouble is today. Everyday has trouble so every day we need to run to His shelter and stay close to Him. God warns us because he does not want us to get to the breaking point where we are nearly completely flooded by the enemy. However there is beauty in both because the Father is in both situations. Though he gives us warning to seek shelter from the enemy He also sends the rescuer Jesus to save us from the grip of the enemy when we call on His name.

I was 31 years old with a two year old and very far from the shelter of God. I discovered a lump and immediately started to get flooded with fear. Fear that I had cancer, fear that I would become so sick I couldn’t care for my child, fear that I may die and leave her without a mother. The fear was flooding me and I felt like I was drowning. I didn’t know God’s desire for me was to be in relationship with him and to be sheltered by His presence. I had been told but I always thought that I could handle things on my own. This situation was too big for me. I couldn’t stop worrying and I knew I needed help. I cried out to Jesus. Okay so first I actually called my sister who had been trying to tell me about Jesus. She prayed with me and began telling me about the shelter of the Most High. That He was a very present help in times of trouble. She encouraged me to cry out to Jesus and so I did. The bible says in Isaiah 59:19 “when the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord will raise a standard against him.” The standard was peace. I immediately had peace over my situation and had peace that no matter what happened God was reigning above it all. After a mammogram, a biopsy, lots of waiting and praying it ended up being benign. Praise God I did not have cancer but what I did end up with was a relationship with the Lord that I may not have had if this particular flood hadn’t threatened to overtake me. I am grateful for that flood because it caused me to cry out to Jesus. It is my great hope that people will not wait to cry out to Jesus. I pray that they will allow Him to rescue them and rule above their flood. He can restore all that was lost. He wants you to seek His shelter every day because in life there will be all kinds of trouble that will threaten to take you down. God is able to bring peace in the midst of your flood.

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