About the Ministry: This ministry was created for women to help them discover their value. In knowing the truth about God and about our identity in Christ we can become everything he created us to be. For many years I believed lies about myself and about God and it wasn’t until I learned the truth that I finally became free. It is my greatest desire to help others experience that same truth and freedom.

About Jennifer: I grew up the youngest of 7 kids in Massachusetts and attended parochial school until moving to Texas in 10th grade. I met my husband in college and we were both elementary education majors. I received a Bachelor’s as well as a Masters in Education and after graduation we married in 1999. We both began our first year teaching 4th grade. He went on to change careers and after 5 years in the classroom I became a stay at home mom to my now 3 kiddos. I spent the first 30 years having a knowledge of God and practiced my religion but in 2007 I had a very powerful encounter with Jesus and became a born-again believer. This began a beautiful relationship with Him that helped me discover who He really was and who I was in Him. Since then God has given me a deep passion for truth, freedom and a deep love for His daughters. I started off ministering to women and couples through small groups held in our home and continue to do that today. In 2012 I became a women’s mentor at Gateway Church. In 2015 God moved me into the role of Mentoring Ministry Coordinator for Gateway. During my time at Gateway I had the pleasure of teaching topics on the Power of Prayer, Spiritual Warfare and Trusting God Through Trials. Through every role my heart has been to minister love and truth to God’s daughters as well as help strengthen couples. Now God has me on a new journey with this ministry and my job as a Certified Professional Life Coach. It is humbling to be used of God to minister to his precious treasures.

About Pearl: The name of this ministry is incredibly personal to me. There is a Pearl and I am her mother. Pearl is my first child who is in Heaven waiting for me. At the end of my first trimester she was diagnosed with a rare condition that affects around 1 in a million fetuses and almost always leads to stillbirth. At this time in my life I had no real relationship with God and did not know His Word. I grew up with religion but felt very distant from God. I lived a life of fear and worry and believed every negative word spoken over me. With the advice of the doctors and my lack of faith and trust in God I chose to end the pregnancy. This decision haunted me for many years until God in his mercy and grace saved me and led me into a season of repentance to Him and forgiveness for myself. Through prayer and several confirmations that are nothing short of supernatural I know that my baby was a girl, God had named her Pearl and she was in Heaven with Him. God began to show me that I believed many lies from the enemy. Lies that God could not or would not heal this child. Lies that I would die if I continued with the pregnancy, lies that I could not emotionally handle a stillbirth. He then showed me that He was healing her and looking back I can now see that along the way there were answers to prayer along the way. I just didn’t know God the way I do now so I didn’t believe it. Now I know He heals. I know that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I know that Satan is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came to give us abundant life. Through this incredibly painful journey of loss I have gained truth and I am passionate about others knowing the truth as well so the enemy will be stopped. The Lord told me to name this ministry Mother of Pearl. I knew it was about Pearl but I also knew it had another meaning. I started researching the actual meaning and how pearls form naturally. Pearls are formed when an irritant enters an oyster. To protect the oyster there is a coating on the inside of the shell, mother of pearl, that starts to cover the irritant over and over again finally becoming a Pearl. A Pearl is made out of what was originally meant to cause harm to the oyster. The devil meant to harm me by convincing me to take the life of my own child. But God in his sovereignty covered my pain and made something beautiful. Guess how rare it is for a perfect natural pearl to form? Around 1 in a million! God showed me that He will use me to be a covering for His daughters. To protect them from the things that try to harm them. God has used my deepest pain to fuel my greatest passion. God is intricately weaving and working behind the scenes in our lives to make something beautiful out of the broken. He loves us and he forgives us and He is for us not against us. What the enemy means for our harm God will work it together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.